Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

This is wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS... filled with lots of love, fun and laughter.

We had a great time yesterday with family and friends. I roasted a turkey and was in charge of the veggies... I decided to try something new for both and they turned out great... everyone loved it.We had lots of good food, snacks, played games and of course opened our presents to each other.

Today, we head over to our daughters to spend the day with them and the little munchkins... it will be fun to watch them play and have fun... kids are always on an adrenaline 'high' on Christmas.

May God bless you with a glorious day and all through the next year.
Hugs, Karen

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Monday

Hard to believe that it is almost Christmas... oh my, how time flies. I have been busy doing all the pre Christmas activities and enjoying it. Presents are all bought and wrapped, house decorated.

Now I am working on Christmas cookies. I have found some new ones that I am trying out, including sugar free ones for my hubby. Had to laugh, my first sugar free cookies turned out like hard hockey pucks but this last batch of a different cookie has turned out much better except that they want to crumble easily. I think it must have some to do with the sugar substitute for it is much dryer than usual sugars.

Hate to say that I did not make many of my Christmas cards this year. I just could not get my mojo going in time.  I do have plans for this next year and so I hope to be all ready much earlier.

Well, much to do but wanted to pop in to say 'Hi' to everyone. Hope you are all having a very merry Christmas holiday season so far.