Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year

Wishing everyone a wonder new year.

I have so many plans for this next year and one of them is to get back into my crafting so you will be seeing some cards in the near future.

The other thing that I must do is challenge myself to improve my health... believe me, that will be a challenge. I need to find some way to get myself walking more or at least being more active - which means less time on the computer.

We have decided that it is time (actually way past due) for painting the family room and kitchen... that needs to be done before we have new flooring installed which is desperately needed. We have been procrastinating on this subject but now we are looking forward to the change.

Well off to get some housework done - believe it or not... I still have not taken down the Christmas decorations and today seems like a good day to do it... also I decided to redecorate in white with hints of blue for a winter theme until spring comes.