Sunday, October 20, 2013

The fall weather has been gorgeous and I enjoy driving around and looking at all the trees. It also helps us keep up with our leaves that are falling... I do not like to do it when they are wet unless forced to.

Well I have been wanting to buy new furniture for our family room (where I spend most of my time) for quite some time. So we decided to go look at what they had at Lazy Boy which is one of my favorite places to shop for furniture. I was thinking about getting on with a chaise lounge but then decided that it would be nice to get one that recline. We found a set that we both loved, it looks great it is very soft and comfortable too. It will be a sofa and love seat in a nice camel color. The sofa will not be in until early November so we will have the deliver both at the same time. Can't wait.... Yea!!!

My hubby is having a great stretch so far without any seizures, what a blessing!!!

Well today I have some projects to get done inside.... the tub needs to be re caulked.... yuk!! Plus I really need to clean and organize my craft room that is also part storage for other things around the house.... oh my... maybe it is time to think about downsizing.

Have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I have let this blog go untouched for a year and I apologize. My life has taken some crazy turns and I ended up not making any cards at all.

I did decide to do some beading and made a lot of jewelry for a holiday bazaar that we just had. It was our first one and it did not produce many buyers but we will try to sell the rest via Ebay.

I find that I am slowing down more and not as interested in crafts. I do love to read, garden and watching tv.... oh dear... :-))

My husbands health has declined and I have spent more time keeping an eye on him.

I leave today with a picture of myself with my daughter from this past summer.

Until next time.