Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bunny and Soccer

Happy Sunday everyone. I tried to put together a post a couple days ago but for some reason, the program would not let me download any pictures... well I did not want to publish the post with out the picture so I just deleted it and decided that I would try later. Just hate when that happens....

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. We had a great time yesterday watching our grandkids 'first' soccer game. The oldest is in first grade and really enjoyed herself. Her father is the coach and the main goal 'at this early age' is to learn to work together as a team and have fun. It was pretty cold out and the ground was wet and muddy but that is normal for soccer games. I remember when I took our kids to there games, so much fun. At this age, they are fun to watch since they are 'all feet'. Here are a couple of pictures of there game, Isabella is the one in the middle with her leg in the air just after a kick.

This is Isabella with her littler sister 'Faith'.  

This is our newest grandchild 'Faith', who is all bundled up since it was pretty nippy outside. Oh so cute.

Hope you enjoyed those pictures of my grandkids. I did not manage to get a one of my grandson for he was too busy playing over on the playground. He was on another team but when it came time to actually go out to play, he could not do it. He started to cry, took off his shirt and took off... so they will try to see if he wants to play on Isabella's team next week. He is only 5 and struggles with social scenarios.

Now I have a card to share with you. I colored this little bunny up so it is bright and sunny and decided that I wanted to keep that bright and cheery feeling throughout the card. I decided that I wanted to keep the card a clean and simple design and even though I could have added a lot more bling, I decided against it.

I hope you like it and would love to hear your comments.

My God Bless You


  1. Oh this card is super cute!!!!! And Faith is a real doll too!!!!! I am now your new follower

  2. Oh wow!! This card is totally adorable!! I love your little bunny and your coloring!! Fabulous family photos too!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope you come by again!! Smiles, Vicki

  3. Hey Karen - love the picture of the kids - I too have 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson that play soccer. It's a real hoot! All in all, I have 6 grand children. your card is so cute and I adore that pretty yellow bunny. Nice design work.