Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Calm Before the Storm

Happy Wednesday everyone. I hope that this finds you all well and happy.

Yesterday, we decided to clean up the patio, it had items that should have been put away last fall (I suppose that is part of my lazy and just a few misc trashy items... oh where do they come
Then we cleared everything off and used the blower and then the power washer to really clean the patio.. oh my, it was a lot dirtier than I thought but it looks so nice now. So now everything is in it's place and awaiting the finishing touches which will be pots of flowers that I will plant later this month when I KNOW that the weather is cooperating with us.

Today, we (my sister, friend, hubby and I) took a lovely drive around the various neighborhoods (especially the larger expensive homes) to get ideas of what plants they used and how they looked after they have matured. We need to replace a few of our shrubs for they have or are dieing. I think we have some in mind and will do some on line research to decide which ones we will get. We also went to a LARGE nursery that we have always wanted to go to and they had just about any type of plant you would want.... oh so cool. We will go back there again soon. We drove to a nice park to eat our brown bag lunches and enjoyed watching the people and kids playing.

After we were home, I mowed the lawn since it was the day before our lawn recycle day and before it is suppose to rain again. While I was pulling weeds, my hubby was edging and then decided to use the blower to tidy up a few areas.... while doing this, he had a seizure. I am so thankful that he wears his helmet for he did hit his head on the curb and it could have been so much worse. After he came out of the seizure, I helped him into the house to sit and rest. Unfortueatly he has had three more since then.... he had low blood sugar and so we tried to balance that but after dinner, it shot way too high and I had to give him insulin to balance it yet again. By his normal bedtime, his blood was looking better but I have had to give him two doses of this special medicine. Now I pray that the seizures will stop and he will be able to rest during the night. We were going to do some errands tomorrow but looks like we will be staying home so he can rest... seizures take a LOT out of a person.

Well I will sign off for now. Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs from the Pacific Northwest.

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