Thursday, June 2, 2011

Challenges in Life

Hello everyone.

Have you ever struggled with getting up as tired as you were when you went to bed and not feeling like you could tackle the world or even get excited about doing what you had planned. Well that is what has happened to me.. I have felt this coming on for quite some time.

Lately, I have noticed that it has been getting worse for I have a hard time getting myself motivated to do anything, including the things I love. I went to see my doctor and she confirmed that I am depressed.

With the very long extended crummy spring weather, we have not had any sun to help perk my spirits and with caring for my husband, it all has taken a toll on me. She gave me a presciption for some meds to help, which I just started taking so I am looking forward to feeling better in the next couple weeks.

That is why you have not seen any new craft projects, just could not get myself motivated but I am hoping that I will be back to my old self again soon and crafting.

I appreciate all of you that has stopped by to check my blog. I will return.....

I hope you like this cow, I thought he was just too cute.   :-))


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