Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Sunday

Well yet again, I have let too much time pass my by and have not posted anything on my blog.

Let's see, what has been happening.
This has been a busy summer and I did a lot of yard work. Of course it never ends for it will not be long before the leaves start to fall, actually they are already starting.

This has been the year for everything to break down... my goodness, we have had to replace our furnace (actually that was at the end of last year), our water heater, had two rounds of major plumbing done, irrigation repair (I think we may have more for next year), plus a few other things... it seemed like it was never going to end. Of course that put a nasty dent in our retirement but it comes with owning a home.

Lately, we have been trying to get our grass back into shape by thatching, adding lime and re-seeding. The first round of seeds did not do as well as expected so we just put another round of seed down and will hope for the best.... may need to do it again next spring.

My hubby's seizures have not improved, I was sure hoping this new trial medication would be the answer but it has only helped the seizures to be not as intense... which is a good thing too. I thank the Lord that he wears his helmet around the house/yard for he has fallen many times and it has saved him many head injuries. Now he has had injuries to his ribs.... sometimes I feel like I would like him to wear patted gear but I know that would be going too far... LOL. I praise the Lord that it is not more serious which it could be.

My kids and family are doing great.... 3 of the grandchildren are in school and they seem to enjoy it. The oldest granddaughter called us about a couple weeks ago to let us know that her first tooth fell out during school, she was SO excited and so she had to tell everyone - so cute.

I will have to admit that I have not touched my craft room all summer. I know that I need to get myself back in there and start creating again. I have been thinking and browsing the blogs, looking for simple, yet nice looking designs to make Christmas cards. I had better get that started or I will never complete them. Since most of them will be mailed out, I will have to keep the accents flat.

I have been reading a LOT lately. My sister and I both love to read and she cannot go into the library without help so I wheel her in when I go every 3 weeks so we can get new books, etc. It has been fun and will continue to do this. I find reading relaxing and enjoy the stories... for me, I love mysteries or fiction stories that have a lot of intrigue and fast paced action.

Time to sign off but will be back later.

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