Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sleep Study

Greetings on this fine cool but damp Saturday.

Have any of you ever have a sleep study done? My doctor ordered one for me and I will have to say, that was quite an experiment. I read the data they sent and it described a little on what they will be doing and that it was an overnight stay at the hospital. Now I decided to bring my 'cool' looking pajamas that has little blue flowers on yellow (lol), not a real fashion statement but comfortable.
The process started by the tech attaching two monitor patches on the inside of each of my lower legs which I had to put down through my pants. Then they put two straps around me, one around my waist and one around by chest. They attached more monitors to my chest and neck. Then came the fun part, they attached with some gummy glue, a bunch of little wires to my head  and used some tape to the side of my face so they would not get in the way. Then finally was one of those air breathing tubes that usually provides you oxygen but this one actually reads data instead.  I just HAD to look in the mirror and I kid you not, I looked like some experiment. Were they nuts, how could anyone sleep with all that stuff on but the tech said that most usually gets used to it. They also fitted me for the PBAP mask in case it was needed during the night - it felt rather odd as long as you do not talk. I asked the tech where the clock was but they said there isn't one for they do not want us looking at any clock, including watches during the night.
So I took my normal evening meds which helps me relax and get sleepy... then I read for awhile. I wasn't really sleepy yet but decided that I would try anyways. They turned the lights off and said we have to do a few alignment tests to make sure everything is hooked up right. So first I lift one leg and move it, then the other, did a few other various things and the last one was to snore three times.... I had to laugh and said 'are you serious', he said yes so I made the snoring sounds but was laughing afterwards, seemed so silly.
Oh, how I tried to sleep.... I laid there for what seemed like hours and I think I finally fell asleep but then I would wake up again, my back hurting from the bed and then it took forever to get back to sleep.... my mind just did not want to shut down. By the time morning came (with one potty break during the night), I asked the tech whether I even slept enough for the tests and I guess I did.
I have an appt to go over the results with my doctor and am curious to find out what she says.

Can you believe that it is already October... oh my, how time is just flying by. I pulled out some of my Christmas stamps and papers and have been playing around with some simple card designs... I will post one when I get them done.

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Until next time.

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